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Issues Window

Updated: October 20, 2013

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Use the Issues window to view issues identified by running an assessment from the Assessment Platform.

If the recording was not created with the Assessment Platform, the recording lacks data about issues, and therefore the Issues window is minimized.

When you click an issue in the Issues window, the Details window shows details of that issue, with recommended solutions. To see a summary report of all of the issues that need investigation, see the Issue Details section at the bottom of the Analysis tab.

You can detach this window and drag it anywhere on your desktop, or resize or close it. To dock it, drag it to any of the docking points at the top, bottom, right, or left sides of the UI until the area is highlighted. Then, release the cursor.Within the Analysis tab, you can maximize the Issue Details window to be able to view it in a larger size.

If this window is not open, click Issues on the Window menu.

You can use the search bar at the top of this window to look for specific issues based on several criteria determined by the assessment generating the Issues:

Free-text search: Type in the text box to see the list of relevant issues

Multiple filter options: Add multiple filters to shorten the issue list to your defined criteria. For example, you can filter by “Manufacturer equals” for a list of Issues by a particular manufacturer. The text area will auto-complete with the available options once you begin typing. Other operators such as “not equals”, and “contains” are also available in these options.

If this window is not open, click Issues on the Window menu.

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