Wi-Fi Direct Client Operation

A Wi-Fi Direct Role port is configured in operation mode DOT11_OPERATION_MODE_WFD_CLIENT before it can function as a Client. Once the operation mode is configured, the port should perform similar to DOT11_OPERATION_MODE_EXTENSIBLE_STATION. It should follow the guidelines for the Extensible Station mode for association, disassociation and roaming and handling of data packets. Except for the OIDs, NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION and Data Type exceptions listed in Wi-Fi Direct Reference Tables, it should handle all the OIDs and NDIS_STATUS_INDICATIONS and Data Types that a miniport driver is expected to support in Extensible Station mode. It should also continue to support the Wi-Fi Direct OIDs listed in Wi-Fi Direct Reference Tables.OID_DOT11_WFD_GROUP_JOIN_PARAMETERS

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