SR-IOV NDIS Functions

This section includes the NDIS functions that can be called by miniport drivers for network adapters that support the single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) interface. This interface is supported in NDIS version 6.30 and later versions.

The SR-IOV functions are called by a miniport driver for either the PCI Express (PCIe) Physical Function (PF) or Virtual Function (VF) of the network adapter. The following table defines the calling requirements of the SR-IOC NDIS function.

NameCalled only by the PF miniport driverCalled only by the VF miniport driver
NdisMEnableVirtualization X
NdisMGetVirtualFunctionBusData X
NdisMGetVirtualFunctionLocation X
NdisMInvalidateConfigBlock X
NdisMQueryProbedBars X
NdisMReadConfigBlock X
NdisMSetVirtualFunctionBusData X
NdisMWriteConfigBlock X


For more information about the SR-IOV interface, see Overview of Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV).



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