The miniport driver issues an NDIS_STATUS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CURRENT_CAPABILITIES status indication when its currently enabled receive filtering capabilities change.

Note  This status indication should only be made by miniport drivers that support NDIS receive filters.

When the miniport driver makes this status indication, it sets the StatusBuffer member of the NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION structure to a pointer to an NDIS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CAPABILITIES structure. The driver initializes this structure with its currently enabled receive filter capabilities.


NDIS receive filters are used in the following NDIS interfaces:

The miniport driver issues the NDIS_STATUS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CURRENT_CAPABILITIES status indication when one of the following conditions is true:

  • The currently enabled receive filter capabilities change on a single network adapter. For example, receive filters can be enabled or disabled through a management application developed by the independent hardware vendor (IHV).

  • The currently enabled receive filter capabilities change for one or more network adapters that belong to a load balancing failover (LBFO) team managed by a MUX intermediate driver. For more information, see NDIS MUX Intermediate Drivers.

The miniport driver follows these steps when it issues the NDIS_STATUS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CURRENT_CAPABILITIES status indication:

  1. The miniport initializes the NDIS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CAPABILITIES structure with the receive filter capabilities that are currently enabled on the network adapter.

    When the miniport driver initializes the Header member, it sets the Type member of Header to NDIS_OBJECT_TYPE_DEFAULT. The miniport driver sets the Revision member of Header to NDIS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CAPABILITIES_REVISION_2 and the Size member to NDIS_SIZEOF_RECEIVE_FILTER_CAPABILITIES_REVISION_2.

  2. The miniport driver initializes an NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION structure for the status indication in the following way:

    • The StatusCode member must be set to NDIS_STATUS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CURRENT_CAPABILITIES.

    • The StatusBuffer member must be set to the address of the NDIS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CAPABILITIES structure.

    • The StatusBufferSize member must be set to sizeof(NDIS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CAPABILITIES).

  3. The miniport driver issues the status indication by calling NdisMIndicateStatusEx. The driver must pass a pointer to the NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION structure to the StatusIndication parameter.

Note  Overlying drivers can use the NDIS_STATUS_RECEIVE_FILTER_CURRENT_CAPABILITIES status indication to determine the currently enabled receive filter capabilities of the network adapter. Alternatively, these drivers can also issue OID query requests of OID_RECEIVE_FILTER_CURRENT_CAPABILITIES to obtain the currently enabled receive filter capabilities at any time.



Supported in NDIS 6.30 and later.


Ndis.h (include Ndis.h)

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