New for Developing, Testing, and Deploying Drivers

The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) that is released with Windows 8 includes an entirely new environment for developing, building, debugging, testing, packaging, and deploying drivers. The new environment is integrated with Visual Studio and provides a single user interface for all aspects of the driver development life cycle. A video that summarizes the workflow changes is now available.

For a description of the new Visual Studio driver development environment, see Developing, Testing, and Deploying Drivers.

Device Metadata Authoring Wizard

The Device Metadata Authoring Wizard is a new tool, integrated with Visual Studio, that device manufacturers and mobile broadband service operators can use to develop a metadata package for their devices and services. This metadata package provides information that appears to Windows users, and allows partners to associate a Windows Store device app to their device or service. For more information, see Device Metadata Authoring Wizard and Windows 8 Device Experience: Windows Store device app.

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