SerCx Structures, Enumerations, and Constants

This section describes the structures and enumerations that are defined for version 1 of the serial framework extension (SerCx). These structures and enumerations are used by the methods and callback functions that are defined by the SerCx library. The SerCx structures are defined in the Sercx.h header file in the Windows 8 version of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

Note  Starting with Windows 8.1, version 2 of the serial framework extension (SerCx2) replaces SerCx. New serial controller drivers that are intended to run only on Windows 8.1 and later versions of Windows should be written to use the SerCx2 device driver interface (DDI) instead of the SerCx DDI. However, Windows 8.1 and later versions of Windows will continue to support existing serial controller drivers that use the SerCx DDI.

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The SERCX_ACTIVITY structure contains a summary of work items that are ready for the serial controller driver to process.


The SERCX_BUFFER_DESCRIPTOR structure describes a data buffer for a receive operation or transmit operation.


The SERCX_CONFIG structure contains configuration information for the serial framework extension (SerCx).


The SERCX_STATUS enumeration indicates the status of a serial receive or transmit operation.




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