SerCxGetActivity method

The SerCxGetActivity method retrieves the status of pending work for the serial controller driver.


VOID SerCxGetActivity(
  [in]      WDFDEVICE       Device,
  [in, out] PSERCX_ACTIVITY Activity


Device [in]

A WDFDEVICE handle to the framework device object that represents the serial controller.

Activity [in, out]

A pointer to a caller-allocated SERCX_ACTIVITY structure. The caller must have previously called the SERCX_ACTIVITY_INIT function to initialize this structure before its initial use. Thereafter, each SerCxGetActivity call updates the contents of this structure to track the work items that are ready to be processed by the controller driver.

Return value



The serial controller driver calls this method to receive a summary of processing work that it needs to perform on behalf of the serial framework extension (SerCx). Typically, SerCxGetActivity is called by the transmit/receive DPC routine in the controller driver.

The Activity parameter points to a SERCX_ACTIVITY structure that describes pending work for the controller driver. The pending work that SerCx assigns to the controller driver is driven by I/O requests from clients, but an I/O request does not necessarily spawn a work item. For example, if SerCx has a sufficient amount of received data in its memory buffer to complete a pending read request, this request does not cause the Receiving member of the SERCX_ACTIVITY structure to be set to TRUE.

To cycle through pending work items, the transmit/receive DPC routine calls SerCxGetActivity, processes a complete transmit or receive operation, and then calls SerCxGetActivity again to determine whether another operation of a different type requires work. If another operation requires work, this work might begin during the same callback but must stop if the return value from a call to SerCxProgressReceive or SerCxProgressTransmit directs the DPC routine to reschedule itself to run at a later time.

A lock protects the SERCX_ACTIVITY structure that is updated by the SerCxGetActivity call. During the call, this lock is acquired by event handlers in SerCx to update the summary of work that is currently pending for the controller driver.


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Available starting with Windows 8.





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