Sensors HID driver sample

The sample HID Class driver for sensors demonstrates how an OEM or IHV can write a UMDF driver to support working hardware. This driver is also helpful for IHVs who must design and test firmware for a HID-based sensor. This sample driver is identical to the HID class driver that ships as part of Windows 8.

There are three instances where you may need to modify the sample driver.

  • The sample does not support your sensor.
  • The sample supports your sensor, but it does not support unique functionality on your device.
  • The sample needs to run on an earlier version of Windows.

The sample driver is based on the HID protocol. It supports the eighteen sensors that are found in the The Driver File List. In addition, it supports a Custom class that lets you integrate any HID sensor not found in this list.

To simplify familiarization and testing, you can attach a compatible HID sensor to an available USB port. After the sample driver is installed on your Windows 8 computer, and the compatible board is connected, you can start to learn about the hardware, the driver, and the Sensor platform for Windows. The following screen shot shows accelerometer output for a very simple application that receives event notifications from a 3-axis accelerometer. (These event notifications are issued by the firmware and passed by the sample driver to the Sensor API, where they are consumed by the application.)

Application Screen Shot

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Build date: 11/29/2012