MSFC_FibrePortNPIVAttributes WMI Class

A WMI client uses the MSFC_FibrePortNPIVAttributes class to retrieve information about virtual ports created for a physical port.

The MSFC_FibrePortNPIVAttributes class is defined as follows in Npivwmi.mof:

class MSFC_FibrePortNPIVAttributes   
    [WmiDataId(1), Description("The world wide port name of the physical port"):Amended]  
     uint8 WWPN[8];   
    [WmiDataId(2), Description("The world wide node name of the physical port"):Amended]  
     uint8 WWNN[8];   
     Description("Number of virtual ports on this adapter."):Amended  
    ]uint32 NumberVirtualPorts;  
      Description("Array of virtual ports."):Amended,
     MSFC_VirtualFibrePortAttributes VirtualPorts[];  

When compiled by the WMI tool suite, this class definition produces the following data structure:


There are no methods associated with this WMI class.



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