WSK Structures and Data Types

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The Winsock Kernel networking can also use the WSK_CLIENT data type. The WSK_CLIENT data type defines the WSK subsystem's binding context for its attachment to a WSK application.


The contents of the WSK_CLIENT structure are opaque to a WSK application.

When a WSK application calls the WskCaptureProviderNPI function, the WSK subsystem returns a pointer to a WSK_CLIENT structure to the WSK application by means of the WskProviderNpi parameter. The WSK subsystem uses this structure to track the state of the binding between the WSK application and the WSK subsystem. A WSK application passes this pointer as a parameter to all the functions in WSK_PROVIDER_DISPATCH( WskControlClient, WskSocket, and WskSocketConnect).

For more information, see Registering a Winsock Kernel Application.

This type is available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.

Header: Wsk.h



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