Summary of Changes Required to Port a CoNDIS Driver to CoNDIS 6.0

This topic summarizes what you must change to port a connection-oriented NDIS (CoNDIS) 5.x driver to CoNDIS 6.0. You can port earlier drivers (before NDIS 5.x) in a way similar to porting NDIS 5.x drivers.

The following general issues apply to CoNDIS drivers:

To run in the CoNDIS 6.0 environment, CoNDIS 5.x drivers must be modified in the following areas:

Build Environment
  • Replace the NDIS51_MINIPORT_DRIVER preprocessor definition with NDIS60_MINIPORT_DRIVER.

  • Replace the NDIS51 preprocessor definition with NDIS60.

Driver Initialization
Registering and Opening an Address Family
Closing an Address Family
Send and Receive Code Paths
OID Requests
Status Indications
Binding and Adapter States
  • Include NDIS 6.0 pause and restart functionality. For more information about pause and restart, see Driver Stack Management.



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