A transport protocol sets OID_TCP_TASK_IPSEC_DELETE_UDPESP_SA to request that a miniport driver delete a UDP-ESP security association (SA) and, possibly, a parser entry from a NIC parser entry list. The SA and parser entry information is formatted as an OFFLOAD_IPSEC_DELETE_UDPESP_SA structure.

If the EncapTypeEntryOffldHandle is NULL, the miniport should delete the specified SA from the NIC and free any system resources allocated for the SA. If the EncapTypeEntryOffldHandle is non-NULL, the miniport should also delete the specified parser entry from the NIC's parser entry list.

Note that a transport protocol could request a miniport to delete an SA and/or parser entry before the miniport has completed adding that SA and/or parser entry. The miniport must therefore serialize the deletion operation with the addition operation.



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