As a query, use the OID_GEN_ALIAS OID to obtain the alias string for an interface (ifAlias from RFC 2863).

Version Information

Windows Vista and later


NDIS 6.0 and later miniport drivers

Not requested. For NDIS interface providers only.


An NDIS network interface provider can assign unique alias strings for its interfaces. If the name should remain associated with the same interface, the provider can make the strings persistent after the computer restarts and reinitializations.

Only NDIS network interface providers, and therefore not miniport drivers or filter drivers, must support this OID as an OID request.

If the interface provider returns NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS, the result of the query is an alias string that is returned in an NDIS_IF_COUNTED_STRING structure.



Ntddndis.h (include Ndis.h)

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