The OID_CO_ADD_PVC OID is sent by a client to a call manager to add a permanent virtual connection (PVC) to the call manager's list of configured PVCs. The PVC is formatted as a CO_PVC structure, defined as follows:

    typedef struct _CO_PVC {
         NDIS_HANDLE NdisAfHandle;
         CO_SPECIFIC_PARAMETERS PvcParameters;
    } CO_PVC,*PCO_PVC;

The members of this structure contain the following information:


Specifies the NDIS-supplied handle returned by NdisClOpenAddressFamily.


A structure of the type, CO_SPECIFIC_PARAMETERS. This structure contains protocol-specific parameters that describe the PVC.

A PVC is configured manually by an administrator. A client that monitors such activity notifies a call manager of a newly configured PVC by sending this OID to the call manager. Other clients can then use the newly configured PVC.



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