The class driver sends this request to query the minidriver for the best-matching data format in a data range.

Return Value

The minidriver should set one of the following as the status in the SRB:


Indicates that a match was found.


pSrb->CommandData.IntersectInfo specifies both the data range to search for a match and the buffer to return the format. The pSrb pointer points to a HW_STREAM_REQUEST_BLOCK structure. (The IntersectInfo member is of type pointer to a STREAM_DATA_INTERSECT_INFO structure.)

The class driver uses this request to satisfy KSPROPERTY_PIN_DATAINTERSECTION property requests. The class drivers feeds one KSDATARANGE at a time to the minidriver until the minidriver returns the request with a pSrb->Status value of STATUS_SUCCESS. The minidriver checks for a match in DataRange.Specifier values.

Generally, the resulting data format is immediately used to open a stream in that format. For more information about data formats and data ranges, see Data Range Intersections in AVStream.



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