WMI Class Qualifier Definitions in Hbaapi.mof

The WMI class qualifiers defined by the Hbaapi.mof file are as follows:




When one of the qualifiers that are described in this section is applied to a data field in a WMI class definition it indicates that the field can be assigned any of the set of predetermined integer values that are indicated in the definition of the qualifier in Hbaapi.mof. Thus each WMI class qualifier described here resembles an enumerator in that it represents a set of integer values, but the WMI tool suite does not generate an enumerator declaration in Hbapiwmi.h that corresponds to the qualifiers in Hbaapi.mof, nor does it generate a set of symbolic constant definitions that correspond to the qualifier values.

However, by including Hbaapi.h your driver or application can use a set of symbolic constants that were defined with a view to providing an easy-to-remember name for each value associated with the WMI class qualifiers that are defined in Hbaapi.mof.

For a general discussion of WMI class qualifiers, see WMI Class Qualifiers.



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