Miniport drivers use the NDIS_STATUS_WWAN_READY_INFO notification to inform the MB Service of device ready-state changes in response to OID_WWAN_READY_INFO query requests.

Miniport drivers can also send unsolicited events with this notification.

This notification uses the NDIS_WWAN_READY_INFO structure.


Miniport drivers must report all device ready-state changes as an unsolicited event. When the miniport driver initializes the MB device, the miniport driver must set the WWAN_READY_INFO ReadyState member to WwanReadyStateOff. Thereafter, miniport drivers must report any device ready-state change to the MB Service through this notification. For example, miniport drivers must report a device ready-state change when the ReadyState member changes from WwanReadyStateOff to WwanReadyStateDeviceLocked, or WwanReadyStateBadSim, or WwanReadyStateSimNotInserted, or any other different device ready-state.

Most device ready-state changes happen when the device initializes the radio stack and the SIM card (if required). A change can also happen during the course of a session between the MB Service and the miniport driver, such as user changing the SIM card. The behavior of the MB Service shall change accordingly based on the new device ready-state.



Available in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.


Ntddndis.h (include Ndis.h)

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