Miniport drivers use the NDIS_STATUS_WWAN_PREFERRED_PROVIDERS notification to inform the MB Service that the Preferred Provider List (PPL) has changed.

Miniport drivers can also send unsolicited events with this notification.

This notification uses the NDIS_WWAN_PREFERRED_PROVIDERS structure.


In some cases, the PPL (for GSM-based devices) is updated by the network either Over-The-Air (OTA) or by Short Message Service (SMS). The miniport driver must update the PPL accordingly. Afterwards, miniport drivers must notify the MB Service about the updates using this INDICATION with the updated PPL. For GSM-based networks, the PreferredListHeader member of the NDIS_WWAN_PREFERRED_PROVIDERS structure must point to the updated PPL.

Miniport drivers use this INDICATION to inform the MB Service about the update as a result of a OID_WWAN_PREFERRED_PROVIDERS set request from the MB Service. A response to an OID_WWAN_PREFERRED_PROVIDERS set request must contain zero elements in the PreferredListHeader member.



Available in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.


Ntddndis.h (include Ndis.h)

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