Input Buffer Order

This section applies only to Windows Server 2003 with SP1 and later, and Windows XP with SP2 and later.

For each combination deinterlacing and substream compositing operation, the VMR initiates a call to the driver-supplied DdMoCompRender callback function. In the DdMoCompRender call, the lpBufferInfo member of the DD_RENDERMOCOMPDATA structure points to an array of buffers that describes the destination surface and the surface for each input video source sample. The DdMoCompRender function in turn calls the driver's DeinterlaceBltEx function. For more information, see Calling the Deinterlace DDI from a User-Mode Component.

The order of the elements in the array of DXVA_VideoSample2 structures in the Source member of the DXVA_DeinterlaceBltEx structure matches the lpBufferInfo array with the exception that the destination surface is not present.

The following topics describe the rules for arranging surfaces in the lpBufferInfo array and provide examples that explain the sequence order of surfaces:

Input Buffer Order Rules

Input Buffer Order Example 1

Input Buffer Order Example 2

Input Buffer Order Example 3

Input Buffer Order Example 4

Input Buffer Order Example 5

Input Buffer Order Example 6



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