Important  The Native 802.11 Wireless LAN interface is deprecated in Windows 10 and later. Please use the WLAN Device Driver Interface (WDI) instead. For more information about WDI, see WLAN Universal Windows driver model.

A miniport driver must make an NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START indication before it initiates an association operation with either an access point (AP) (for infrastructure BSS networks) or peer station (for independent BSS (IBSS) networks).

Note  IBSS (Ad hoc) and SoftAP are deprecated. Starting with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, use Wi-Fi Direct.

The miniport driver indicates the completion of the association operation through the NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_COMPLETION indication. Every NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START indication made by the driver must have a corresponding NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_COMPLETION indication.

For more information about the association operation, see Association Operations.

The data type for this indication is the DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START_PARAMETERS structure:

         NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER Header;
         DOT11_MAC_ADDRESS MacAddr;
         DOT11_SSID SSID;
         ULONG uIHVDataOffset;
         ULONG uIHVDataSize;

The DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START_PARAMETERS structure contains the following members:


The type, revision, and size of the DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START_PARAMETERS structure. This member is formatted as an NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure.

The miniport driver must set the members of Header to the following values:


This member must be set to NDIS_OBJECT_TYPE_DEFAULT.




This member must be set to sizeof(DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START_PARAMETERS).

For more information about these members, see NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER.


The media access control (MAC) address of the AP or peer station with which the 802.11 station attempted to associate.


The service set identifier (SSID) that the 802.11 station is attempting to associate with.

If the dot11DesiredBSSType MIB object is set to dot11_BSS_type_independent, the Ssid member must contain the same value that the AdhocSSID member used in the structures for previous NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_CONNECTION_START and NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ROAMING_START indications.


The offset of a block of data in a proprietary format that is defined by the IHV. The IHV can use this data block for any purpose that is related to the NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START indication.

This offset is relative to the start of the buffer, which contains the DOT11_ASSOCIATION_ START_PARAMETERS structure.

If the miniport driver is not returning IHV data in the NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START indication, it must set uIHVDataOffset to zero.


The length of the block of data that is used by the IHV for the NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START indication. If the miniport driver is not returning IHV data in this indication, it must set uIHVDataSize to zero.

The 802.11 station initiates an association operation when:

  • The 802.11 station is performing a connection operation. The miniport driver indicates the start of a connection operation by the NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_CONNECTION_START indication.

    For more information about connection operations, see Connection Operations.

  • The 802.11 station is performing a roaming operation. The miniport driver indicates the start of a roaming operation by the NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ROAMING_START indication.

    For more information about the roaming operation, see Roaming Operations.

  • A peer station in an IBSS network initiates an association with the 802.11 station. The IEEE 802.11 dot11DesiredBSSType MIB object must be set to dot11_BSS_type_independent, and the 802.11 station must have joined the IBSS network in a previous connection or roaming operation.

    The 802.11 station can initiate this type of association operation outside of the scope of a connection or roaming operation.

    For more information about the dot11DesiredBSSType MIB object, see OID_DOT11_DESIRED_BSS_TYPE.

The miniport driver calls NdisMIndicateStatusEx to make an NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START indication, and must pass a pointer to an NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION structure through the StatusIndication parameter. When making this indication, the driver must set the following members of the NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION structure:

  • StatusCode must be set to NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START.

  • StatusBuffer must be set to the address of a DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START_PARAMETERS structure.

  • StatusBufferSize must be set to sizeof(DOT11_ASSOCIATION_START_PARAMETERS).


Before it initiates an association operation, the miniport driver must allocate all of the resources that it will need to make the corresponding NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_ASSOCIATION_COMPLETION indication.




Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systemss.


Windot11.h (include Ndis.h)



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