KsSetPowerDispatch routine

Sets the power dispatch function to be called when the driver object receives an IRP_MJ_POWER IRP. This is only effective if KsDefaultDispatchPower is called to dispatch or complete power IRPs.

This has the effect of adding this object header to a list of object headers that have power dispatch routines to execute. The head of this list is kept by the device header. Assumes that the caller has previously allocated a device header on the underlying Device Object with KsAllocateDeviceHeader.


VOID KsSetPowerDispatch(
  _In_     KSOBJECT_HEADER       Header,
  _In_opt_ PFNKSCONTEXT_DISPATCH PowerDispatch ,
  _In_opt_ PVOID                 PowerContext 


Header [in]

Points to a header previously allocated by KsAllocateObjectHeader.

PowerDispatch [in, optional]

Optionally contains the power dispatch function that will be called, or NULL if the function is to be removed from the list of functions being called. This function must not complete the power IRP sent. The return value of this function must be STATUS_SUCCESS. KsSetPowerDispatch can be called while executing this power dispatch routine if the purpose is to manipulate this list entry only. Manipulating other list entries may confuse the current enumeration.

PowerContext [in, optional]

Optionally contains the context parameter to pass to the power dispatch function.

Return value



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Ks.h (include Ks.h)



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