KsSetInformationFile function

The KsSetInformationFile function performs an information set against the specified file object. The function attempts to use FastIoDispatch if possible, or it generates an information set against the device object.


NTSTATUS KsSetInformationFile(
  _In_ PFILE_OBJECT           FileObject,
  _In_ PVOID                  FileInformation,
  _In_ ULONG                  Length,
  _In_ FILE_INFORMATION_CLASS FileInformationClass


FileObject [in]

Specifies the file object to set the standard information on.

FileInformation [in]

Indicates the place in which to put the file information. The file information is assumed to be a valid or probed address.

Length [in]

Specifies the correct length of the FileInformation buffer.

FileInformationClass [in]

Specifies the class of information being set.

Return value

The KsSetInformationFile function returns STATUS_SUCCESS if successful, or if unsuccessful it returns a set error.


The KsSetInformationFile function should be used only when the set would result in an actual request to the underlying driver, not including complex operations that require additional parameters to be sent to the driver such as rename, deletion, and completion. For example, FilePositionInformation would not generate such a request and should not be used. It assumes the caller is serializing access to the file for operations against a FO_SYNCHRONOUS_IO file object.


Target platform



Ks.h (include Ks.h)





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