NDIS Port OID Requests

NDIS Port OID Requests

NDIS drivers can associate OID requests with NDIS ports. In such an OID request, the PortNumber member of the NDIS_OID_REQUEST structure is set to the target port number. The port number is zero if the OID request is for the default port. The overlying driver must ensure that a port is active before making any OID requests that specify a specific port number.

When NDIS calls the ProtocolBindAdapterEx function of a protocol driver, NDIS provides a list of all currently active ports in the ActivePorts member of the NDIS_BIND_PARAMETERS structure that the BindParameters parameter points to. NDIS also informs protocol drivers with a PnP event when ports are activated and deactivated. For more information about PnP port activation and deactivation notifications, see Handling NDIS Ports PnP Notifications.

The following OIDs are specific to the NDIS ports interface:


Enumerates the active ports that are associated with a miniport adapter.


Retrieves the current link and authentication port states.


Sets the current authentication states of an NDIS port.

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