The !wmitrace.disable extension disables a provider for the specified Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) trace session.

    !wmitrace.disable { LoggerID | LoggerName } GUID 



Specifies the trace session. LoggerID is an ordinal number that the system assigns to each trace session on the computer.


Specifies the trace session. LoggerName is the text name that was specified when the trace session was started.


Specifies the GUID of the provider to be disabled.


This extension is exported by Wmitrace.dll.

This extension is available in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.

Additional Information

For a conceptual overview of event tracing, see the Microsoft Windows SDK. For information about tracing tools, see the Windows Driver Kit (WDK).


After using this extension, you must resume program execution (for example, by using the g (Go) command) in order for it to take effect. After a brief time, the target computer automatically breaks into the debugger again.

To enable a provider, use !wmitrace.enable.



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