NDIS I/O Port Interface

The NDIS Library provides a set of I/O functions that a miniport network interface card (NIC) driver calls to access I/O ports. These calls provide a standard portable interface that supports the various operating environments for NDIS drivers. Functions are provided for mapping ports, for claiming I/O resources, and for reading from and writing to the mapped and unmapped I/O ports.

The following table describes the functions for the NDIS I/O port interface that are included in this section.



NdisMDeregisterIoPortRange releases a mapping that was set up with NdisMRegisterIoPortRange during driver initialization.


NdisMRegisterIoPortRange sets up driver access to device I/O ports with the NdisRawReadPortXxx and NdisRawWritePortXxx functions and claims the range of I/O port addresses in the registry for that driver's NIC.




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