XPS Rasterization Service Interfaces

In Windows 7 and later, the XPS rasterization service performs the rasterization of fixed pages in XPS documents for XPSDrv filters. The service provides an XPS rasterization factory that a filter uses to create XPS rasterizers. The filter can tell an XPS rasterizer to create a bitmap to represent an entire fixed page, or the filter can partition the fixed page into a number of axis-aligned, rectangular regions and tell the rasterizer to create a separate bitmap for each region.

During the initialization of an XPSDrv filter, the print filter pipeline manager passes a print pipeline property bag to the filter. Through the property bag, the filter can obtain the IXpsRasterizationFactory interface of the XPS rasterization factory. As the filter renders an XPS document, the filter can obtain from the factory a new XPS rasterizer--with an IXpsRasterizer interface--to render each successive fixed page in the document.

The XPS rasterization service implements the following interfaces:





An XPSDrv filter should also implement the following interface if it needs to cancel an in-progress XPS rasterization operation before the operation completes:




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