DXVA_TCoef4Group structure

The DXVA_TCoef4Group structure is sent by the host decoder to the accelerator to specify the IDCT coefficient values.


typedef struct _DXVA_TCoef4Group {
  BYTE  TCoefIDX[4];
  SHORT TCoefValue[4];
} DXVA_TCoef4Group, *LPDXVA_TCoef4Group;



Specifies the scan index of the coefficient in the block. Expressed as the number of zero-valued coefficients that precede the current coefficient in the scan order specified by the MBscanMethod variable (bits 6 and 7 of the wMBtype member of the macroblock control command). These commands are defined in the following structures: DXVA_MBctrl_I_OffHostIDCT_1 or DXVA_MBctrl_P_OffHostIDCT_1. TCoefIDX contains the number of zero-valued coefficients that precede the current coefficient in the specified scan order, subsequent to the last transmitted coefficient for the block (or relative to the start of the block if none precede it). Any remaining coefficients after the last sent coefficient in the inverse-scan order are implied to have the value 0.

TCoefIDX must always be less than 64.


Specifies the value of the coefficient in the block. TCoefValue must be clipped to the appropriate range as specified in Low-Level IDCT Processing Elements by the host prior to passing the coefficient value to the accelerator for IDCT operation. MPEG-2 mismatch control, if necessary, is also the responsibility of the host, not the accelerator (this may require the creation of extra "phantom" nonzero coefficients).


The DXVA_TCoef4Group structure is used only when these two members of DXVA_ConfigPictureDecode structure are set to the following values: bConfig4GroupedCoefs is 1 and bConfigHostInverseScan is zero.

In the DXVA_TCoef4Group structure, groups of four transform coefficients are sent together with associated run-length values. The ith element of each array in DXVA_TCoef4Group contains element 3-i of the actual coefficient or run-length list (so the first coefficient or index goes into element 3, the next in element 2, and so forth). If only NC < 4 nonzero coefficients remain that need to be sent for a block, then TCoefIDX[i] must be 63 (hexadecimal 0x3F), and TCoefValue[i] must be equal to TCoefValue[4-NC] for i = 0 to 3-NC.



Dxva.h (include Dxva.h)

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