The !logexts.logc extension displays all API categories, displays all APIs in a specific category, or enables and disables the logging of APIs in one or more categories.

    !logexts.logc e Categories 
!logexts.logc d Categories 
!logexts.logc p Category 



Enables logging of the specified categories.


Disables logging of the specified categories.


Specifies the categories to be enabled or disabled. If multiple categories are listed, separate them with spaces. An asterisk (*) can be used to indicate all categories.


Displays all APIs that belong to the specified category.


Specifies the category whose APIs will be displayed. Only one category can be specified with the p option.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Additional Information

For more information, see Logger and LogViewer.


Without any options, !logexts.logc will display the current list of available categories and will indicate which ones are enabled and disabled.

If a category is disabled, the hooks for all APIs in that category will be removed so there is no longer any performance overhead. COM hooks are not removed, because they cannot be re-enabled at will.

Enabling only certain categories can be useful when you are only interested in a particular type of interaction that the program is having with Windows (for example, file operations). This reduces the log file size and also reduces the effect that Logger has on the execution speed of the process.

The following command will enable the logging of all categories:

0:000> !logexts.logc e *

The following command will disable the logging of category 7:

0:000> !logexts.logc d 7

The following command will enable the logging of categories 13 and 15:

0:000> !logexts.logc e 13 15

The following command will display all APIs belonging to category 3:

0:000> !logexts.logc p 3



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