The !ks.pciks extension lists functional devices for kernel streaming devices that are attached to the PCI bus. Optionally, it can display information about active streams on those functional devices.

    !ks.pciks [Flags] [Level] 



Optional. Specifies the kind of information to be displayed. Flags can be any combination of the following bits.

Bit 0 (0x1)

List all currently running streams.

Bit 1 (0x2)

Recurse graphs to find non-PCI devices.

Bit 2 (0x4)

Display a list of proxy instances.

Bit 3 (0x8)

Display currently queued Irps.

Bit 4 (0x10)

Display information about all streams.

Bit 5 (0x20)

Display active stream formats.


Optional, and applicable only to flag combinations that cause data to be displayed. Levels are the same as those for !ks.dump.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Additional Information

For more information, see Kernel Streaming Debugging.


This command may take time to execute, especially if the ACPI filter driver is loaded, or if Driver Verifier is enabled and driver names are paged out.

Here is an example of the !ks.pciks display:

kd> !pciks
1 Kernel Streaming FDOs found:
    Functional Device 82a17690 [\Driver\smwdm]



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