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The !ks.dumpcircuit extension lists details of the transport circuit associated with the given object.

    !ks.dumpcircuitextension Object [Level] 



Specifies a pointer to the object for which to display the transport circuit. For AVStream, Object must be one of the following types: CKsPin*, CKsQueue*, CKsRequestor*, CKsSplitter*, CKsSplitterBranch*.

For PortCls, object must be one of the following types: CPortPin*, CKsShellRequestor*, or CIrpStream*.


Optional. Specifies the level of detail to display on a 0-7 scale with progressively more information displayed for higher values. To display all available details, supply a value of 7.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Additional Information

For more information, see Kernel Streaming Debugging.


Note that !ks.dumpcircuit starts walking the circuit at the specified object, which does not always correspond to the data source.

You can first use !ks.graph with a filter address to list pin addresses, and then use these addresses with !ks.dumpcircuit.

Here is an example of the !ks.dumpcircuit display:

kd> !dumpcircuit 8293f4f0
Pin8293f4f0 0 (snk, out)
Queue82990e20 r/w/c=2489/2/0



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