Run-Time Library (RTL) Routines

This section describes the run-time library (RTL) routines, in alphabetical order.

For an overview of the functionality of these routines, see Summary of Kernel-Mode Support Routines.

The following routines are reserved for system use. Do not use them in your driver.

  • RtlAssert. Use ASSERT instead.

  • RtlGetCallersAddress. Use the intrinsic _ReturnAddress instead.

  • RtlInterlockedAndBits. Use InterlockedAnd instead.

  • RtlInterlockedAndBitsDiscardReturn. Use InterlockedAnd instead.

  • RtlInterlockedClearBits. Use InterlockedAnd instead.

  • RtlInterlockedClearBitsDiscardReturn. Use InterlockedAnd instead.

  • RtlInterlockedSetBits. Use InterlockedOr instead.

  • RtlInterlockedSetBitsDiscardReturn. Use InterlockedOr instead.

  • RtlInterlockedSetClearBits

  • RtlInterlockedXorBits. Use InterlockedXor instead.

  • RtlWalkFrameChain



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