NdisMGetOffloadHandlers function

[The TCP chimney offload feature is deprecated and should not be used.]

This function obtains the entry points of the NDIS functions for a particular chimney type.


NDIS_STATUS NdisMGetOffloadHandlers(
  _In_  NDIS_HANDLE                  NdisMiniportHandle,


NdisMiniportHandle [in]

The handle to a context area that is offload target-allocated in which the offload target maintains state information about this instance of the adapter. The offload target provided this handle to NDIS when calling NdisMSetMiniportAttributes from its MiniportInitializeEx function.

ChimneyType [in]

A chimney type that is one of the following NDIS_CHIMNEY_OFFLOAD_TYPE values:


The TCP chimney offload type.

All other NDIS_CHIMNEY_OFFLOAD_TYPE values are currently reserved.

OffloadHandlers [out]

A pointer to a variable supplied by the offload target. The size of this variable is sizeof(PNDIS_OFFLOAD_EVENT_HANDLERS). If the call to the NdisMGetOffloadHandlers function succeeds, the function returns, in this variable, a pointer to an NDIS_OFFLOAD_EVENT_HANDLERS structure. This structure serves as a header for the chimney-specific structure that contains the entry points. The NDIS_OFFLOAD_EVENT_HANDLERS structure is formatted as follows:


This structure contains the following member:


Specifies an NDIS object header, which is formatted as an NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure.

Return value

NdisMGetOffloadHandlers can return either of the following:

Return codeDescription

The call succeeded. The returned NDIS entry points are valid for the specified chimney type.


NDIS does not support the chimney type specified by the offload target. In this case, NDIS does not return a valid OffloadHandlers pointer.



The offload target calls this function from its MiniportInitializeEx function to get the entry points of the NDIS functions for a particular chimney type. The offload target calls NdisMGetOffloadHandlers once for each chimney type that it supports. In each call, the offload target specifies a different chimney type.

If the call to the NdisMGetOffloadHandlers function succeeds, NDIS supplies a valid OffloadHandlers pointer, which points to an NDIS_OFFLOAD_EVENT_HANDLERS structure. This structure contains an NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure. The offload target examines the Type, Revision, and Size members of the NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure. These members specify the structure that contains the chimney-specific entry points, the revision number of this structure, and the size of this structure in bytes. The Type value is the same value that the offload target supplied for the ChimneyType parameter.

If the offload target supports the specified Revision number, it casts the OffloadHandlers pointer to a pointer to the appropriate chimney-specific structure type. The following table indicates the chimney-specific structure for each chimney type.

ChimneyTypeChimney-specific handlers structure




For example, for the NdisTcpChimneyOffload chimney type, the offload target casts the OffloadHandlers pointer to *PNDIS_TCP_OFFLOAD_EVENT_HANDLERS.

The chimney-specific handlers structure contains the same NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure as the NDIS_OFFLOAD_EVENT_HANDLERS structure.

The offload target copies the entry points from the chimney-specific structure into its own internal data structure and then returns.


Target platform



Ndischimney.h (include Ndischimney.h)

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