KsPinDataIntersection function

The KsPinDataIntersection function handles the KSPROPERTY_PIN_DATAINTERSECTION property through a callback function and performs much of the initial validation of the parameters that are passed. KsPinDataIntersection calls the minidriver-defined KStrIntersectHandler callback function with each potential data range after matching it to the list of data ranges assigned to that pin factory.


NTSTATUS KsPinDataIntersection(
  _In_            PIRP                  Irp ,
  _In_            PKSP_PIN              Pin ,
  _Out_opt_       PVOID                 Data ,
  _In_            ULONG                 DescriptorsCount ,
  _In_      const KSPIN_DESCRIPTOR      *Descriptor ,
  _In_            PFNKSINTERSECTHANDLER IntersectHandler 


Irp [in]

Specifies the IRP that describes the property request.

Pin [in]

Specifies the specific property that is being queried.

Data [out, optional]

Specifies the pin property-specific data.

DescriptorsCount [in]

Specifies the number of descriptor structures.

Descriptor [in]

Specifies the pointer to the list of pin information structures.

IntersectHandler [in]

Specifies the minidriver-defined KStrIntersectHandler callback function to compare a data range.

Return value

The KsPinDataIntersection function returns STATUS_SUCCESS if a matching range is found, STATUS_NO_MATCH if no matching range was found, or an error specific to the property being handled. The minidriver-defined KStrIntersectHandler intersection handler provided to KsPinDataIntersection is called with each data range supplied by the caller until either a match is found or an error occurs.

Note that the minidriver-defined KStrIntersectHandler callback function has its own set of return values.


A match can occur under three conditions: if the major format of the range passed is a wildcard or matches a pin factory range, if the subformat is a wildcard or matches, and if the specifier is a wildcard or matches. Since the data range size may be variable, it is not validated beyond checking that it is at least the size of a KSDATARANGE structure.


Target platform



Ks.h (include Ks.h)



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