MSFC_TargetEvent WMI Class

A WMI provider uses the MSFC_TargetEvent WMI class to report target events.

The MSFC_TargetEvent class is defined as follows in Hbaapi.mof:

class MSFC_TargetEvent : WmiEvent {
  string InstanceName;
  boolean Active;
  [WmiDataId(1), Description("Type of event") : amended,
    EVENT_TYPES_QUALIFIERS] uint32  EventType;
  [WmiDataId(2), Description("Port WWN") : amended,
     HBAType("HBA_WWN")]uint8  PortWWN[8];
  [WmiDataId(3), Description("Discovered Port WWN") : amended,
    HBAType("HBA_WWN")]uint8  DiscoveredPortWWN[8];

When compiled by the WMI tool suite this class definition produces the following data structure:




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