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MPIO publishes the MPIO_DSM_Path_V2 WMI class but expects the DSM to register the GUID and handle its implementation. An MPIO driver uses the MPIO_DSM_Path_V2 WMI class to identify a path ID as reported by a DSM.

class MPIO_DSM_Path

    // Unique identifier to distinguish paths known to the DSM.
    // This is what is returned to MPIO during DsmSetDeviceInfo.
     Description("DSM Path Id") : amended
    uint64 DsmPathId;

    // Reserved.
     Description("Reserved field") : amended
    uint64 Reserved;

    // Value that determines which path the DSM picks if the load balance is
    // Weighted Paths.
     Description("Weight assigned to the path") : amended
    uint32 PathWeight;

    // Flag to indicate if this is a primary path.
     Description("Flag set to TRUE if the path is a primary path. Else FALSE.") : amended
    uint32 PrimaryPath;

When this class definition is compiled by the WMI tool suite, it produces the MPIO_DSM_Path data structure. There are no methods associated with this WMI class.



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