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The !arbinst extension displays information about a specified arbiter.

!arbinst Address [Flags]



Specifies the hexadecimal address of the arbiter to be displayed.


Specifies how much information to display for each arbiter. At present, the only flag is 0x100. If this flag is set, then the aliases are displayed.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Additional Information

See also the !arbiter extension.


For the arbiter specified, !arbinst displays each allocated range of system resources, some optional flags, the PDO attached to that range (in other words, the range's owner), and the service name of this owner (if known).

Here is an example:

kd> !arbinst e0000106002ee8e8
Port Arbiter "PCI I/O Port (b=02)" at e0000106002ee8e8
  Allocated ranges:
    0000000000000000 - 0000000000001fff       00000000 <Not on bus>
    0000000000002000 - 00000000000020ff     P e0000000858bea20  (ql1280)
    0000000000003000 - ffffffffffffffff       00000000 <Not on bus>
  Possible allocation:
    < none >
kd> !arbinst e0000106002ec458
Memory Arbiter "PCI Memory (b=02)" at e0000106002ec458
  Allocated ranges:
    0000000000000000 - 00000000ebffffff       00000000 <Not on bus>
    00000000effdef00 - 00000000effdefff   B   e0000000858be560 
    00000000effdf000 - 00000000effdffff       e0000000858bea20  (ql1280)
    00000000f0000000 - ffffffffffffffff       00000000 <Not on bus>
  Possible allocation:
    < none >



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