!amli r

The !amli r extension displays information about the current context or the specified context.

Syntax in Windows 2000

    !acpikd.amli r [ContextAddress] 

Syntax in Windows XP and later

    !amli r [ContextAddress] 



Specifies the address of the context block to be displayed. The address of a context block can be determined from the Ctxt field in the !amli lc display. If ContextAddress is prefixed with two percent signs (%%), it is interpreted as a physical address. Otherwise, it is interpreted as a virtual address. If this parameter is omitted, the current context is displayed.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Additional Information

For information about related commands and their uses, see The AMLI Debugger.


If the AMLI Debugger prompt appears suddenly, this is a useful command to use.

For example, the following command will display the current context of the interpreter:

AMLI(? for help)-> r

Context=c18b4000*, Queue=00000000, ResList=00000000
ThreadID=c15a6618, Flags=00000010
StackTop=c18b5eec, UsedStackSize=276 bytes, FreeStackSize=7636 bytes
LocalHeap=c18b40c0, CurrentHeap=c18b40c0, UsedHeapSize=88 bytes
Object=\_WAK, Scope=\_WAK, ObjectOwner=c18b4108, SyncLevel=0
AsyncCallBack=ff06b5d0, CallBackData=0, CallBackContext=c99efddc

80e0ff5c: Local0=Unknown()
80e0ff70: Local1=Unknown()
80e0ff84: Local2=Unknown()
80e0ff98: Local3=Unknown()
80e0ffac: Local4=Unknown()
80e0ffc0: Local5=Unknown()
80e0ffd4: Local6=Unknown()
80e0ffe8: Local7=Unknown()
80e0e040: RetObj=Unknown()

Next AML Pointer: ffffffff80e630df:[\_WAK+16]

ffffffff80e630df : If(S4BW
ffffffff80e630e5 : {
ffffffff80e630e5 : | Store(Zero, S4BW)
ffffffff80e630eb : }



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