KsFastMethodHandler function

The KsFastMethodHandler function handles fast methods requested through IOCTL_KS_METHOD. It responds to all method identifiers defined by the sets that are also contained in the fast I/O list. This function can only be called at PASSIVE_LEVEL.


BOOLEAN KsFastMethodHandler(
  _In_          PFILE_OBJECT     FileObject,
  _In_          PKSMETHOD        Method,
  _In_          ULONG            MethodLength,
  _Inout_       PVOID            Data,
  _In_          ULONG            DataLength,
  _Out_         PIO_STATUS_BLOCK IoStatus,
  _In_          ULONG            MethodSetsCount,
  _In_    const KSMETHOD_SET     *MethodSet


FileObject [in]

Specifies the file object on which the request was made.

Method [in]

Specifies the original method parameter. This will always be on FILE_LONG_ALIGNMENT, but may not be on FILE_QUAD_ALIGNMENT.

MethodLength [in]

Specifies the length indicated by the caller of the method parameter.

Data [in, out]

Specifies the original unaligned data parameter.

DataLength [in]

Specifies the length indicated by the caller of the data parameter.

IoStatus [out]

Specifies an aligned structure that is used to return error status and information.

MethodSetsCount [in]

Indicates the number of method set structures being passed.

MethodSet [in]

Specifies the pointer to the list of method set information.

Return value

The KsFastMethodHandler function returns TRUE if the request is handled, or FALSE if the request is not handled. If the request is not handled, an IRP is generated. If the request was handled, the function sets the IoStatus->Information element to zero because of an internal error or the element is set by a method handler. The method handler also sets the IoStatus->Status field when the method is handled.


The owner of a method set can perform prefiltering or postfiltering of the method handling using the KsFastMethodHandler and KsMethodHandler functions. The KsFastMethodHandler function is used to process requests made through the fast I/O dispatch interface for Device Control. It is only used to process requests that can be fulfilled quickly. The Wait parameter of the fast I/O function is not passed and assumed to be TRUE.


Target platform



Ks.h (include Ks.h)



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