iSCSI WMI Operations Classes

The iSCSI operations classes are internal, unpublished WMI classes that the iSCSI initiator service uses to communicate with iSCSI initiators. A storage miniport driver must implement these classes to communicate with the iSCSI discovery library. For more information about what is required to support these classes in a miniport driver, see the reference pages for the structures that are associated with the classes. These structures are defined in Iscsiop.h.

The iSCSI operations classes are not part of the user-mode WMI schema, and WMI management applications must not attempt to call their methods directly.

Initiator miniport drivers must support the following WMI tool classes:

ISCSI_Persistent_Login WMI Class

MSiSCSI_AdapterEvent WMI Class

MSiSCSI_BootInformation WMI Class

MSiSCSI_LUNMappingInformation WMI Class

MSiSCSI_Operations WMI Class

MSiSCSI_PersistentLogins WMI Class

MSiSCSI_SecurityConfigOperations WMI Class

MSiSCSI_TargetMappings WMI Class



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