IKsPropertySet interface

The IKsPropertySet interface provides methods that access properties of KS objects that are implemented in a KS minidriver.

The IID for this interface is IID_IKsPropertySet.

Note   Header files ksproxy.h and dsound.h define similar but incompatible versions of the IKsPropertySet interface. Applications that require the KS proxy module should use the version defined in ksproxy.h. The DirectSound version of IKsPropertySet is described in the DirectSound reference pages in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.

If an application must include both ksproxy.h and dsound.h, whichever header file the compiler scans first is the one whose definition of IKsPropertySet is used by the compiler.


When to implement

It is not necessary to implement the methods of this interface. They are implemented in ksproxy.lib.

When to use

Use this interface to access properties of KS objects.


The IKsPropertySet interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IKsPropertySet also has these types of members:


The IKsPropertySet interface has these methods.


Retrieves a property.


Determines the support of a property.


Sets a property.



The IKsPropertySet interface methods translate user-mode property requests into kernel-mode property sets that are used by KS minidrivers.

KS objects include, for example, KS filters, KS pins, and KS clocks.



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