Native 802.11 Status Indications

Native 802.11 Status Indications

Most of the indications made by the Native 802.11 miniport driver are specific to the Native 802.11 media. For example, a miniport driver can make a Native 802.11 indication whenever:

  • The 802.11 station has completed a scan request initiated through OID_DOT11_SCAN_REQUEST.

  • The maximum length is changed for 802.11 media access control (MAC) protocol data unit (MPDU) frames.

The miniport driver makes a Native 802.11 indication by calling NdisMIndicateStatusEx. The StatusIndication parameter of NdisMIndicateStatusEx is a pointer to an NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION structure, whose members are set as follows:


This member specifies the NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_XXX status code for the indication. These status code values are define in Ndis.h. For more information about NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_XXX codes, see Status Indications


A pointer to a caller-allocated buffer that contains data that is specific to the indication made by the miniport driver.


The length, in bytes, of the buffer referenced by the StatusBuffer parameter.

The following topics describe the types of Native 802.11 indications:

General Native 802.11 Indications

Extensible AP Status Indications

Extensible Station Indications



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