W_UPDATE_OFFLOAD_HANDLER callback function

[The TCP chimney offload feature is deprecated and should not be used.]

The MiniportUpdateOffload function updates previously offloaded TCP chimney state objects.



VOID MiniportUpdateOffload(
  _In_ NDIS_HANDLE              MiniportAdapterContext,
{ ... }


MiniportAdapterContext [in]

The handle to an offload target-allocated context area in which the offload target maintains state information about this instance of the adapter. The offload target provided this handle to NDIS when it called NdisMSetMiniportAttributes from its MiniportInitializeEx function.

OffloadBlockList [in]

A pointer to an NDIS_MINIPORT_OFFLOAD_BLOCK_LIST structure, which can be the root of a linked list of such structures. These structures identify the offloaded state objects that are being updated. Only cached variables are updated.

Return value



Only cached variables are updated.

The MiniportUpdateOffload function stores the MiniportAdapterContext handle and the OffloadBlockList pointer and then returns. The offload target always completes the update operation asynchronously by calling the NdisMUpdateOffloadComplete function. The OffloadBlockList pointer points to an NDIS_MINIPORT_OFFLOAD_BLOCK_LIST structure that can either be a stand-alone structure or the root block list in an offload state tree that contains multiple NDIS_MINIPORT_OFFLOAD_BLOCK_LIST structures. Such block lists, as well as any offload state structures that are associated with them, are valid until the miniport driver calls the NdisMUpdateOffloadComplete function.

Before the MiniportUpdateOffload function returns, the offload target uses the offload state tree passed to the MiniportUpdateOffload function to update offloaded state:

  • The offload target copies the variable values from any state structures in the tree to the corresponding offloaded state objects. Only CACHED variables are updated.

  • The tree might indicate that path-to-neighbor links must be updated. For more information, see Linking Path State Objects to a New Neighbor State Object. In this case, the offload target must update its internal representation of offloaded state to reflect the updated links.



Ndischimney.h (include Ndischimney.h)


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