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Using AMLI Debugger Extensions

In Windows XP and later versions of Windows, AMLI Debugger extension commands are contained in the extension module Kdexts.dll and use the following syntax:

kd> !amli command [parameters] 

In Windows 2000, these extension commands are contained in Acpikd.dll and use the following syntax:

kd> !acpikd.amli command [parameters] 

As with any extension module, after it has been loaded you can omit the acpikd prefix.

If you are at the AMLI Debugger prompt, you can execute any of these extension commands by simply entering the command name without the !amli prefix:

AMLI(? for help)-> command [parameters] 

When you are at this prompt, the !amli debugger command is not available (because it would be meaningless). Also, the help command ( ? ) at this prompt shows all AMLI Debugger extensions and commands, while the !amli ? extension only displays help on actual extensions.

ActionExtension Command

Display Help

!amli ?

Set AML Breakpoint

!amli bp

List AML Breakpoints

!amli bl

Disable AML Breakpoint

!amli bd

Enable AML Breakpoint

!amli be

Clear AML Breakpoint

!amli bc

Enter AMLI Debugger

!amli debugger

Display Event Log

!amli dl

Clear Event Log

!amli cl

Display Heap

!amli dh

Display Data Object

!amli do

Display Stack

!amli ds

Display Namespace Object

!amli dns

Find Namespace Object

!amli find

Display Nearest Method

!amli ln

List All Contexts

!amli lc

Display Context Information

!amli r

Unassemble AML Code

!amli u

Set AMLI Debugger Options

!amli set




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