When set, the OID_802_11_PRIVACY_FILTER OID requests that the miniport driver set its IEEE 802.1X privacy filter mode to a specified value. The miniport driver returns NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_DATA if an invalid value is specified.

When queried, this OID requests that the miniport driver return its current IEEE 802.1X privacy filter mode.

The data passed in a query or setting of this OID is the NDIS_802_11_PRIVACY_FILTER enumeration. This enumeration defines the privacy filters as follows:


Specifies an open mode. In this mode, the device accepts any packet if the packet is not encrypted or if the device successfully decrypts it.


Specifies a filtering mode. In this mode, IEEE 802.1X packets are accepted even if they are not encrypted. However, the device accepts nothing else unless it is encrypted.



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