This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


When set, the OID_802_11_INFRASTRUCTURE_MODE OID requests that the miniport driver set its network mode to a specified value. The network mode determines the type of 802.11 network the device uses to associate with. Setting the network mode also resets the device's network association procedure.

If the specified mode value is invalid, the miniport driver returns NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_DATA.

When queried, this OID requests that the miniport driver return its current network mode setting. If queried without a prior setting of this OID, the driver must return NDIS_STATUS_ADAPTER_NOT_READY.

The values for this OID, which are defined in the NDIS_802_11_NETWORK_INFRASTRUCTURE enumeration, are defined as follows:


Specifies independent basic service set (IBSS) network mode. This mode is also known as ad hoc mode.


Specifies infrastructure network mode. This mode is also known as extended service set (ESS) mode.


Specifies automatic network mode. In this mode, the device can switch between ad hoc and infrastructure networks as required.

Note   The use of this setting is not recommended.

When this OID is set, the miniport driver and its underlying NIC must delete all of the keys that were set with the OID_802_11_ADD_WEPand OID_802_11_ADD_KEYOIDs.

If the device is associated and a set of this OID changes the driver's network mode, the driver must disassociate and make a media disconnect indication.



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