This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


When set, the OID_802_11_FRAGMENTATION_THRESHOLD OID requests that the miniport driver set the packet fragmentation threshold of the underlying NIC to a specified value. The fragmentation threshold value determines whether packets will be fragmented and at what size.

For non-zero values, the fragmentation threshold value represents a number of bytes. On an IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN, packets that are larger than the fragmentation threshold are fragmented. Packets that are smaller than or equal to the specified fragmentation threshold value are not fragmented.

A fragmentation threshold of zero indicates that the NIC must not fragment packets. Otherwise, the minimum threshold value is 256, and the maximum is 2346. If an invalid threshold value is specified, the miniport driver returns NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_DATA.

When queried, this OID requests that the miniport driver return the fragmentation threshold setting. If the miniport driver does not support this OID, it returns NDIS_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.

The data type for this OID is defined as follows:




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