New for Print Drivers

The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) that is released with Windows 7 includes new features for print drivers. These features include the XPS rasterization service, plus a new user interface that provides an improved device experience for users of printers, scanners, and multifunction printers.

XPS Rasterization Service

The XPS rasterization service implements XPS rasterizer objects that convert fixed pages in XPS documents to bitmaps. This service simplifies the design of an XPSDrv filter that renders an XPS document as a series of bitmap images. For more information, see Using the XPS Rasterization Service.

Device Experience for Printers, Scanners, and Multifunction Printers

Hardware manufacturers can provide users with improved device experiences for printers, scanners, and multifunction printers. A new user interface for devices, called Devices and Printers, shows most of the devices that are typically connected to a computer in one window, called the gallery view. A device in the gallery view can be represented by a custom icon and descriptive text provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer can also specify a Device Stage page, which users can access from the gallery view, to provide custom tasks and services for the device. For more information, see Device Stage for Document Devices.

Printer Driver Isolation

Printer driver isolation improves the reliability of the Windows print service by enabling printer drivers to run in processes that are separate from the process in which the print spooler runs. For more information, see Printer Driver Isolation.



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