New for Network Drivers in Windows 7

The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) that is released with Windows 7 includes information about NDIS 6.20, a new version of NDIS, and other new networking features that are included in the Windows 7 operating system. New features include enhancements to reduce power consumption, such as Wake-on-Wireless LAN, support for more than 64 processors, a new 802.11 Extensible Access Point operation mode, and virtualization capabilities such as NDIS 6.20 Virtual Machine Queues (VMQ) and Virtual WiFi in Kernel Mode.

NDIS 6.20

New Windows 7 features include:

  • Power management enhancements

  • Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ)

  • Support for more than 64 processors

  • Receive side throttle

  • Media extensibility enhancements

For more information about NDIS 6.20, see Introduction to NDIS 6.20.

Native 802.11 Wireless LAN

New in November 2009

The following topic has been added:

The following topics are substantially updated to highlight Windows 7 requirements or behavior changes:

New Windows 7 features include:

Mobile Broadband Networks

Mobile Broadband (MB) Design Guide

Winsock Kernel

Resolving Host Names and IP Addresses

TCP Chimney Offload

The TCP chimney offload documentation is merged with the WDK documentation that is released with Windows 7. The TCP chimney offload documentation was previously a separate out-of-band release. For more information about TCP chimney offload, see Full TCP Offload.

Windows Filtering Platform Callout Drivers

WFP Changes for Windows 7

Transport Driver Interface (TDI)

TDI will not be supported in Microsoft Windows versions after Windows Vista. Use Windows Filtering Platform or Winsock Kernel instead.



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