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New for Kernel Streaming Drivers

Windows XP includes support for AVStream, which is an extension to Kernel Streaming 1.0 system services. For more information, see AVStream Overview. New material on AVStream for Windows XP includes the AVStream Minidriver Routines reference section.

Windows XP also includes support for writing a Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) minidriver, which is a specific type of AVStream minidriver that controls hardware on a TV tuner card. For more information, see Broadcast Driver Architecture Minidrivers.

The documentation covering the USBCAMD and USBCAMD2 minidriver library has been updated. For more information, see USBCAMD Minidriver Library.

Also supported is the AV/C protocol for AV/C subunits. For more information, see AV/C Client Drivers.

Implementing still pin support in a video capture source filter enables an application to capture a higher resolution still than from the regular stream. A user may also capture a still by physically triggering the capture if a device supports this (that is, if a device has a hardware trigger button). For more information, see USB based camera with a capture button.

WDM audio drivers can now provide global effects (GFX) filtering for audio capture and rendering streams. A GFX filter for a rendering stream, for example, might provide equalization, bass enhancement, or speaker correction. For more information, see GFX Filters.

Hardware vendors can now display their company logos and proprietary device names in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel next to the controls for their audio devices. For more information, see Control Panel Branding by Vendors.



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