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New for Driver Development Tools

The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) that is released with Windows 7 includes the following driver development tools and technologies:

Boot Parameters to Test Drivers for Multiple Processor Group Support

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 provide support for computers with more than 64 processors. For testing purposes, you can use BCDEdit /set commands to configure any computer that has multiple logical processors to have multiple processor groups by limiting the group size. For more information, see Boot Parameters to Test Drivers for Multiple Processor Group Support.


Driver Coverage

  • The Driver Coverage toolkit monitors and reports on the various I/O request packets (IRPs) that enter or leave a driver stack for specified devices. The data from the Driver Coverage toolkit can help to identify coverage weaknesses during driver test and verification. For more information, see Driver Coverage Toolkit.

Enhanced Storage Certificate Management Tool

IoSpy and IoAttack

  • Perform IOCTL and WMI tests on kernel-mode drivers. By using these tools, you can ensure that drivers' IOCTL and WMI code validate data buffers and buffer lengths correctly. By doing this, you avoid buffer overruns that can lead to system instability. For more information, see IoSpy and IoAttack.

Static Driver Verifier

  • Now supports NDIS drivers, in addition to KMDF and WDM drivers, and verifies new NDIS, KMDF, and WDM rules, based on checks for driver properties. SDV also supports the new /refine option to improve the results of analysis on larger drivers. For more information, see Static Driver Verifier.

  • Requires all driver-supplied functions to be declared by Using Function Role Type Declarations.

Microsoft Auto Code Review (OACR)

  • OACR integrates PREfast for Drivers into the WDK build environment. OACR runs in the background and can help find bugs, suggest code improvements, and speed up the development process. For more information, see Microsoft Auto Code Review (OACR).

PREfast for Drivers

  • Provides additional warning and error checking in support of OACR and SDV.

Windows Biometric Framework Tools

  • Provides developers tools to implement sensor, engine, and storage adapters to support their biometric devices. See Windows Biometric Framework Tools.


  • Analyzes XML Paper Specification (XPS) files for compatibility with the XPS 1.0 Specification. See XpsAnalyzer.

Additional Tools

The following tools have been added to the WDK:



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